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Consulting Services


Smith Edwards Group LLC (SEG) is committed to providing a range of project management, marketing, sponsorships/ promotions and other services to assist our clients in finding strategies and solutions for their business needs. Your business project will receive customized, personal attention that coincides with your business goals in an efficient and effective manner.  Specific services include Project Management, Project Research, Collaborative Execution and Branding.


Smith Edwards Group LLC (SEG) offers consultation, program development and assessment of organizational diversity and inclusion strategies.  The principal consultant has over twenty years of experience working with media, healthcare, universities and journalism associations on recruitment strategies, assessing organizational challenges, developing leaders, mentor programs and execution of strategies to address diversity issues.  We are available to assist you and your organization with diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Smith Edwards Group LLC (SEG) has extensive experience in developing a strategic planning process.  The firm has developed organizational case studies to assist companies in developing a strategic direction.  

The consultants have led or assisted in strategic planning processes for media companies, city and county government and private foundations.  The process is inclusive and positions participants to think about a process that is inclusive, rigorous that results in an active strategic plan that is a live document for executing the plan and has the flexibility to change directions as external and internal factors dictate.

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