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Smith Edwards Group, LLC is committed to providing professional consultation, guidance and support to individuals and organizations to assist in reaching objectives.

Our consultants bring years of experience and expertise in a wide range of disciplines.  Including leadership development,  strategic planning, diversity, health care and marketing and promotion.  

We are certified life and career coaches and offer a coaching process that is custom designed for each client.  We are certified to administer and faciliate 360 Assessments for Executives, Managers, and Self-Assessment Tools from the Center of Creative Leadership (CCL), a world-renowned leadership organization.

Our process includes establishing a baseline and working with clients in the goal setting process that is intended to support our clients towards achieving their goals.  

We are certified life coaches (International Federation of Coaches) and consultants who are here to support you on your personal journey or business challenge.

Need a change in life? Need a change in business plans? Let’s start your journey today!

Book your appointment now or contact us for more information to begin the process for reaching your life and professional goals.

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